South Florida Reconstruction Services

Sometimes, damage done to your structure is too great for simple repairs, and you require reconstruction services. Fallen debris from hurricanes and even fires can impact the structural integrity of your building.

Our expert inspections will be able to determine what plan of action is best for your situation. Because we are licensed General Contractors, if we find a dangerous amount of damage or the cost of repairs exceeds the cost of building anew, Triumph can handle the job.

If Support Walls Are Compromised

Buildings are brilliantly engineered and built to withstand a lot of wear, tear, and damage. However, their strength often relies on supports (referred to as load-bearing walls.)

The biggest threats to these walls include fire damage, water damage, and fallen objects such as trees and power lines. Even a small fire could damage important structures in your home, and as such should always be inspected by professionals.


If The Cost To Repair Exceeds That Of Replacement

Sometimes even if a repair is possible, it may be in a difficult area or have other problems that could increase the cost. We have seen many cases in which reconstruction is a better option than simply trying to repair, especially when it is covered by insurance.

Benefits of doing this include not only potentially saving you money, but also feeling secure knowing that there is no hidden damage that will haunt you later. We offer full packages with experienced staff to handle any type of building, repair, or reconstruction you need.