The residents of Breezewood Condominiums located in Palm Beach Gardens Florida were struck by several hurricanes in 2004 and 2005. The community is comprised of 12 full family units in 3 buildings. They experienced extensive damage to all of their buildings including their 180sq roof comprised of a built up flat roof and a cedar shake mansard. They were completely denied by their insurance company.

After the homeowners association found out about Triumph & Restoration through a local realtor they were immediately hired. After performing damage mitigation and assessment services without accepting any down payment, a comprehensive damage report was issued to their insurance company. Once the insurance company received the report and realized that Triumph & Restoration had been authorized, they quickly paid the residents of Breezewood the appropriate funds necessary to complete the roof replacement of the entire community. In the end the residents were grateful for our efforts, and we were grateful for the chance to serve.