Fire Damage Survey

Fire Damage Survey

After a fire, your damaged property should be surveyed and documented to minimize the chance of problems during the restoration process and to ensure that you are in compliance with your duties under your insurance policy and all the damage you have sustained is accounted for so you may have confidence that everything is returned to you in its pre loss condition.

After the fire has been extinguished, and the authorities have deemed your building safe to enter, a very important step is to inspect your building and contents right away. Delaying this could cause further damage to certain items as the soot from the fire will cause more damage over time to surfaces that may have been able to be restored. Certain items in your home have sentimental value; quickly identifying those items which can be restored may save those items from being lost forever.

It is of the upmost importance that the damaged items in your home or business be inspected by a trained and certified professional that knows the effects of fire and smoke to your building components, furniture and personal items. Those items, once inspected should be documented in writing along with photo evidence, and a professional report written, for the following reasons.

  1. If making an insurance claim, the burden of proof (the proof of what was damaged and how much it costs to repair or replace it) falls on the policy holder, not the insurance company. Having an accurate report of all the damages is invaluable; all concerned parties must be held accountable in your effort to get your life back to the way it was before the fire. Many home owners do not understand this important principle, and they simply wait to let their insurance adjuster or the insurance companies “preferred contractor” to tell them what their home and items are worth. The best practice is to have a professional restoration contractor who is certified in fire damage to assess your loss, one that is completely independent from your insurance company, meaning they don’t obtain work, past present or future, from the insurance companies. That way you can rest assured there is no conflict of interest, and you have a damage survey and a report from a contractor who represents your best interest, not the insurance companies.
  2. A fire in your home or business is a major catastrophe, a large amount of items need to be repaired and replaced, without an accurate report, it would be next to impossible to know what will be repaired, how it will be repaired, and what has been completed. Many fire victims simply don’t have this data as their property is being repaired, all concerned parties must be held accountable. Your peace of mind is important during this process, having an easy to read report will enable you to eliminate some of the stress of the restoration process.
  3. These are just a few reasons that an accurate and timely report of your damage is beneficial to a victim of fire damage. At Triumph Property Services we have experts that are not only certified in fire and smoke damage restoration, but experts in fire damage documentation. Members of our team were former insurance adjusters, and we utilize the latest damage reporting software, the same software that insurance companies use. This allows all concerned parties to compare apples to apples and ensure that everyone is held accountable. Achieving accountability starts and ends with a professional damage survey and report.

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